How to Rediscover Your Sense of Self in Motherhood


There is something wonderful about being a mother. It is an experience like no other. But there is no doubt that motherhood changes you. As a result, you must redefine who you are despite all the responsibilities that come with being a mom. The key is to not allow the pursuit of being a good mother rob you of the importance of being kind to yourself as well.

Tips to Rediscover Who You Are

Take Care of Yourself

Set Simple Goals

Schedule Alone Time

Do Something You Enjoy

Connect With Your Spouse and Friends

Stop the Comparisons

Get Some Extra Help

Make sure you prioritize your needs right up there with every other commitment. By doing so, you will be giving your kids and your spouse a wonderful gift—a woman who not only likes who she is but also knows herself well enough to respect what she needs from life. 


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