summer break


In my opinion, youth have the right expectations and approach to summer.

When we are in our youth, we act as the architects of our summer break, with imaginations running wild in the backyard.

As we get older, we sometimes lose that imagination as responsibilities close in and summer starts to feel like a given number of weeks where the weather is warmer but the workload is the same.

So what do we need?

Quiet moments in order to provide the opportunity to reawaken dreams and set new goals.

Meet new people in order to bring new challenges, new ways of thinking, new combinations of personalities.

To have altruistic behavior that cultivates loads of positive emotions—think gratitude, awe, optimism, faith, compassion, and love—and those feelings to displace negative emotions like guilt, envy and sadness.

Feeling connected with our kids and build family traditions. 

I hope all of your families are settling into a summer routine that is more lazy than crazy.

Happy summer!


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