Do you use Class Dojo point in your classroom?


When my daughter told me about dojo points at her school i had no idea what exactly she was referring to.

Let’s find out about class Dojo:

Class Dojo is a tool that teachers can use in class from start to finish.

Begin with a short Think-Pair-Share activity, using the timer and noise manager to keep the discussion on track and respectful. Next, assign an activity for student portfolios: Let them draw out a challenge math problem, record a video discussing the novel they are reading, write a hypothesis for a science lab, or snap a picture of a completed assignment for teacher feedback.

Once or twice during the lesson, send a quick positive message or image to a parent. This is a great way to strengthen the home-school connection, celebrate classroom successes, and document student learning over time. Don’t forget to add pictures to your class story to keep parents in the loop. You might even want to record yourself explaining assignments, so parents can help at home. 

Throughout the class, award points to positively reinforce individuals or groups for meeting or exceeding expectations, or send gentle reminders to students or groups who need them. Be careful to ensure that individuals are not publicly singled out in negative ways: Consider privately using the app to track student behavior. Close out the class with a five-minute growth mindset activity, giving kids a chance to wind down and reflect on their learning for the day.

Having all these options built into one handy tool cuts down on the need for multiple products and gives teachers lots of data to inform instruction.

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