Green Reads for Kids


Experts agree: if you want to help kids learn, read to them. 

However old your children are, it’s never too early to learn about treating the world we live in with respect.

Below, we’ve detailed some of our favorite books for kids to learn about sustainability in a format that’s fun and age-appropriate for every stage.

Happy reading!

Thank You, Earth is a simple, poetic book for kids 4-8 years old that teaches them how to say thank you to the Earth for everything it gives us.

Kids can be waste warriors too! Kids vs. Plastic is full of statistics about plastic use, interviews with leading explorers and researchers, and sustainability facts for kids.

Great for budding scientists and environmentalists ages 8-12, this book will have them citing evidence to back up their actions and maybe even schooling the adults in their lives.

An inspiring read for any aspiring activist, this beautifully illustrated book tells of 12 children from around the globe who are shaping the planet with their initiatives.

It proves that anyone can help tackle climate change – no matter how old you are. And delivers practical tips for how your kids can start working towards a greener future – both at school and at home.

“Does it mean looking like a frog, or a pickle, or an alien? No!” With fun illustrations and simple text, this book teaches young children the real meaning of being green by giving examples of actions like eating locally grown food and turning lights on only when you need them.

Recommended for ages 4-8, this book teaches kids the basics of sustainable living and reminds adults as well.

These unique books tell the tale of these ‘earth heroes’ from when they were children – to how they got to where they are today.

Beautifully inspiring and relatable reading for children of all ages. Can’t wait for the box set to come out? The books are available separately too.

With plenty of recycling tips included, it’s great for teaching kids ages 3-8 what recycling is, and inspiring them to start their very own recycling projects.

No Monkeys, No Chocolate shows kids ages 5-9 how natural systems are interdependent through its colorful illustrations and scientifically accurate details.

With cute sidebar conversations but challenging text, this book is perfect for precocious, chocolate-loving kids and their parents.


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