How to talk my kids about hot issues…


There are some ways which help parents to deal with some hot questions their children’s make from a very early age…this does not mean that parents encourage them do some things any earlier. Instead they show their kids that they can talk with them for information and help.

Give your children the choice to want to learn more with you…

Let’s find out how below…

How Do I Talk With My Kids About Where Babies Come From?

How To Talk To Preschoolers About Anatomy & Body Safety 

Some other conversations can help your kids stay safe and grow up with a healthy body image. Remember that a clear and simple rule can help prevent sexual abuse. Do not also give the wrong message to them that talking about their bodies are shameful and should not be talked about.

How To Teach Your Kids About Gender

Little kids get ideas about what it means to be a girl or a boy from the world around them…from you and from other people in your family, from books, tv and movies and other kids they know…this means that the toys, books and words you choose can send the message that there’s a right and wrong way for them to be a boy or a girl.

How Do I Talk With My Kid About Healthy Relationships?

Teach your kids to have healthy relationships and threat others with respect help your kids navigate more complicated relationships later in life.

Give them choices, follow their interests and let their imagination lead the way!!!

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