KidZania is a privately held international chain of indoor family entertainment centers currently operating in 30 locations worldwide, allowing children to role play adult jobs and earn currency.


What is Kidzania…London

Enter our scaled city where kids get a glimpse of the future.

A place where every kid is given the freedom to be whoever they want and explore a unique indoor city, created just for them.

Kids can only aspire to what they know exists! From an airline pilot to actor, firefighter to radio DJ, kids can work, play, earn and learn whilst having fun.

Working collaboratively and independently, they are empowered to discover their individual passions, talents and skills through a range of educational, exciting and immersive experiences that are different every time.


Work, earn, spend and save!

Just like in the real world, children can learn the value of money with the help of KidZania’s very own currency, kidZos. 

As part of the immersive role-play experience that KidZania offers, children can reap the rewards of their hard work and gain financial literacy through learning how to budget, spend or save their money.

Upon check-in to the city, each child aged 4-14 will receive 50 kidZos. Children can then choose how they manage their money throughout their visit. They could invest in specialist training in certain roles such as Firefighter or Airline Pilot or work in a number of other activities and be paid for their hard work!


KidZania AbuDhabi



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