How kids create a Global Programming Mindset!


The following five-step cycle can help your kids to develop a global mindset and improve the quality of their cross-cultural interactions. 

1. Recognize their own cultural values and biases.

Developing a strong self-awareness has shown to foster a non-judgmental perspective on differences, which is critical to developing a global mindset.

2. Get to know their personality traits, especially curiosity.

Curiosity is critical, because we can all find easy ways to be more curious, and curiosity is what leads us to ask questions, which lead to the insights we need to understand the idiosyncrasies of global work.

3. Learn about the workplace and business expectations of relevant countries and markets.

It’s important to note to them that cultural norms are not stereotypes but high-level tendencies.

4. Build strong intercultural relationships.

Just like when they were learning to speak a second language, it’s helpful to immerse themselves with people from other parts of the world to develop a global mindset.

5. Develop strategies to adjust and flex their style.

This step involves expanding their repertoire of business behaviors by learning to behave in ways that may be unusual to them but highly effective when interacting with others.


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