8 Benefits of Reading for Children

  • Better communication skills
  • Basic speech skills
  • Enhanced concentration and discipline
  • Cultural understandings
  • Higher academic performance
  • Nurturing the parent and child bond
  • Conquering the fear of a classroom
  • Enhanced development of senses

What the Experts Say

“There are so many wonderful things that reading for pleasure brings to children beyond academic success: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. It feeds their imagination, helps them to empathise, it even improves their sleeping patterns. And reading is a really important element of family life. It provides a connection between you and your child from the very early days through to teens and beyond. It’s a strong ‘glue’ for your relationship, bringing you closer together through the sharing of reading and stories. It helps build strong family ties and provides a shared set of stories and experiences which are unique to your family.” Alison David.

Dr Genevieve London explains the advantages of reading to your child in infancy:

“I recommend starting to read as soon as a child is born. Early exposure to language, to the written word is beneficial, not just to literary skills, but also in developing healthy parent-child interaction so it’s really crucial from the very beginning.”

The monetary value reading to your child has on their adult life is statistically proven to be advantageous in adulthood, but the simple benefits the act has on your child are equally immeasurable.


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